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Wedding Photography/business experience!

I wanted to talk about my Wedding Photography/Business experience and maybe help you out and start your own business or just hopefully give you some good tips.

Has a Wedding photographer it is not for the faint of heart. Wedding day is really fast pace you really have to be ready and on point and know what is coming next because that moment cannot be recreated.

When you get your first taste has a second shooter it will be a very challenging day and be overwhelmed, most photographers will work between 4-12hrs or even.

1. Let's talk about being a second shooter. I remember my first Wedding has a second shooter I remember being excited, nervous did not know what to expect. I got prepared by watching some Youtube videos Taylor Jackson he is amazing at what he does and few others. When you first get there we met up with the bride we started with details you feel the pressure to perform well and help put has much has you can. It was a huge success also here is one of my first time shooting has a second shooter the Wedding dress picture below...

Let's just say they were impress with what I had taken. The company that had hired me he was doing Video and I came with this idea just like that top of my head. I was locked in and felt very natural.

After details you take photos of the Bride and Groom separately getting ready it is a beautiful moment has it get closer to saying I Do.

My style really fitted nicely with the company that had hired more on Natural side keep it real type of photos I was in my element and has the morning went by I felt more confidence in myself and knew I could do this.

The Ceremony is to make sure you get all the little details like groom first look when she walks down, and the bride walking down really good when you have a good zoom my first time was with a 70-200.

This is where the photographer has to shine taking pictures of bride & groom and everyone in the group. you have to direct them let them know what you want and number one thing good communication is key. Without it you will not have good photos. Has I am listening to the number 1 Photographer see what he is doing you have to know one day it will be you directing people it was a great learning experience.

Then the reception pretty straight forward when they come in being introduce make sure to capture those moment the speeches, first dance, garter dance and toss and also flower toss oh don't forget cake cutting great moment to catch after that you might take some dancing shots and you are done.

2. Gaining experience has. second shooter and finding your style that works for you. Now that you have shot some weddings helped out you want to find some clients maybe some friends getting married and you give them a good price and you have your first wedding gig.

When you do you have to be sure you get everything written down make sure to have a client meeting and see what your client is looking for on her wedding day and if she wants any special request like some photos she really wants and etc..

For me Frank co-owner of Shutterspace have shot my first Wedding all alone no second shooter helping out. I was excited and I was ready after you have shot a few Weddings you get a good hang on what to expect. All in all you bring all the experience you got and have read and listen online and you do the best you can.

My client was so impress and loved everything how it all went made the couple feel at ease and made sure they had fun and also when it came time for photos to make them look at heir best and make sure they have fun so it shows in the photos they did.

3. Now business side of things. This is where it get's to be a lot less fun but also a side where you can learn so much.

When we Frank and Patrick decided to start this company I did not know much about business. I started looking online for websites and found WIX. Let's just say it was super easy to get the website up and started. It is pretty much laid out for you and you make it your own. After you make your website go live you are in business.

Your website is a big tool and can help decide someone that they want to chat with you meet up with you and see what you are all about. Getting your website to a premium and getting your own domain is a huge step. You now have an official website and own the rights to it.

Now you have to create a portfolio worthy of showing what you are capable of and what is your style.

Posting on Facebook and Instagram is a huge part of marketing your brand and hope you can reach some audience like friends and family ask them to share and give the word out about your company and what you do. Make sure to start your own page on Insta and Facebook also make sure to create an account on Google business this will help in the long run.

Learning about SEO and backlinks, this is where your mind is blown but WIX makes it pretty easy to understand and shows ideas on how to do it. My SEO is now 100% complete I am so proud because I never thought I would of learned something like this.

Meeting with client's and getting them to trust you because you are given a service that get's pretty expensive. Make them feel comfortable let them know about some experience you had get the bride on your side and you are pretty much golden and locked in. You have to sell them your product so make sure you do not leave anything on the table. Before your client leave you want to make sure you really feel confident about getting them.

Finding clients comes from word of mouth, Wedding you will take pictures of advertise never hurts and also co workers those can be really good.

Make sure to get some business cards and make them unique to your style and different from everyone. Make flyers or brochure an go house to house advertise your brand online it is the only way. It takes time to create a clientele for it to be steady some people get lucky not many Wedding photographers in area but when you live in a big city like me your competition is really big and scary, but never quit keep pushing some day it will unblock the clientele.

I am 2 years in the business and the 2 years I have made some growth small but it was an increase in weddings and I was really thrilled to be in the situation I am. I keep working hard and making blogs, I am not a writer or a blogger but I love creating content and talking about my passion and hopefully inspire one of you to follow your dream and make yourself happy.

I think in a few years I will accomplish something I never thought I would do and that is making it in this business.

I just hope it motivates you to follow your dream and even though you have not study in business or finance you will still be able to manage your business has the internet has a lot of information I have to gather so much information but it gives me hope and happiness to do what I do in life and that is creating a moment that will last a lifetime and make sure my clients are fully satisfied with the service I gave to them.

I hope you made it this far please give it a share and like it really helps us grow and want to keep going.

Look at our website I have worked hard to reshape and create something beautiful.



Shutterspace Studio Co-Owner

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