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The Season to be Jolly

Hi Everyone Happy Holidays to all my clients I have ever work with and to my future clients.

2020 was a year to remember has the Covid-19 year. A Pandemic that started and still going strong has all small business Wedding & Portrait photographers came to a halt losing wedding clients, portrait session was not a year you want to remember.

But has some of the Rules in Ottawa was uplifted clients started to come back but now it was almost like a war because you had lots of hungry Photographers wanting clients.

I had many cancelations but gain new clients has the time went on & on. overall still a very disappointed year for business but I tried and kept it safe for my family has during the pandemic we welcome our Little Boy Azriel. My Daughter started school this year also she is doing Online and being out in the public doing weddings was not something I wanted to take a chance with.

There was opportunities to go more into further with Portrait and engagement photoshoots and to keep having fun while this ongoing Pandemic was going on.

Now the year 2020 is almost done clients are getting interest in Wedding already few booking and have not even advertise yet.

Looking good for 2021 I do want to grow the business a lot this year and make huge push towards new adventures with new clients.

New goals are to get publish in a magazine advertise a lot more my business and get myself notice out there.

So if you reading this and want to book a session click here at the bottom of the page you can fill out the form and request a booking.

For prices go here check out if we are a perfect fit for you.

A few Photo below to check out!!

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