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Museum Of Nature Engagement Photoshoot

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

It was a beautiful day at the End of October 2020 on Halloween meeting Josh & Serenna for the first time to capture their engagement Photos. Pretty rare they can tell their kids they took these photos during a world wide Pandemic the Covid-19.

The Museum of Nature in Downtown Ottawa is a really beautiful spot for photos the architecture of the place is really nice.

I got Josh & Serenna started in front of the Iconic building their was two security guards with signs we politely ask if it would be possible to take a few photos and they were so nice they remove the signs and said go ahead. It was really nice of them to do that so we tried and not take too long here because people started to wait to go inside and go visit the museum. So thank you to the guards at the museum they were really nice and also the people that waited a few minutes for us to take some photos.

Right after the front of the building I saw this bench and I knew I wanted to take a few photos at this moment they were warmed up and they were so amazing followed directions very easy I got them cozy and I told them remember when you first met give me that look.

Love how these turned out I was happy the sun had settled for a bit giving me a nice soft look to the images.

Behind the Museum Of Nature you can get some really nice environmental shots of the area. Did some wide and tight shots on these and came out perfect. Beautiful clear blue sky brings out the Architecture of the Museum but still would have love a little bit of clouds.

Next was some detail shots of the Engagement ring with the beautiful Museum blurred in the background. It was really sunny at this point and made sure to try and make it the focal point of these shots.

Got them to walk told them some jokes told them to say something to each to got them to sit and get a few more shots of them close. Really loving the vibe of this shoot Josh & Serenna were so amazing got to hear about their love story and about their wedding plan I am really looking forward to their Wedding.

Love this architecture at the Museum of Nature such a beautiful architecture fully metal got a few different angles here a two of them I really love.

Finally we end up by the Rideau Canal got a few more shots here are some that I really love.

To say this was an amazing time with lots of laugh between all of us got to know each pretty well I can call them my client and also friends.

Can't wait for September 4th 2021 to capture your beautiful wedding day.

Frank Lead Photographer

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