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Otter Lake Country style Wedding

Bianka & Conrad Duplessis Wedding was such a unique and fun experience for us to photograph. From the drive from Ottawa to Otter Lake was such a fun & crazy experience. We already knew it was going to be a special fun day for us Photographers.

Midway in Gatineau we lost GPS cellphone coverage it drove us in the wrong direction for maybe 15 minutes it was telling me to turn on a street but it was a parking space at a home not the road we were looking for. At that point we travel 10-15 minutes backwards we were laughing and having fun we stop at a gas station stop for direction and on our way we were to Otter lake.

The Bride gave me direction to stop at a store and meet someone who will then guide us to the next destinations. At that point I was like yes we are close behold we drove more than 20 minutes. It was the real country side of the country side haha. When we got to our destination it was practically in the middle of nowhere but it was really amazing to have arrive.

And so we started things off with ring details shot outside was a gorgeous day.

After the details shot we went inside the house to take a few photos of the bride getting ready meet everyone in the family it was such a friendly family to chat with good time I must say.

We got the bridal party to come out and take a few photos they were so amazing and did such a great job plus give us some laugh really country style attitude ladies haha.

We then halfway of the bride being almost ready to come out with her Parents and have some photos taken. Our style is pretty simple and clients really do love this style I must say. We keep it natural with them and after seeing the photos they fell in love with them so much I was told by the bride. All photos outside were taken all natural no lighting.

It was time to go and see the groom the bride dad brought us on to another roller coster drive to get where the groom was hiding which was a big wide open field.

We then did the groom and his party for photos and let me say I had the best time ever and just kept having such a blast. He is really entertaining and gave us such a fun time.

The ceremony was incredible intimate beautiful and also funny. The bride and groom country style came out in this haha.

After the ceremony we took the bridal party and went to shoot some fun and crazy photos. if you check the last photo the Groom is so proud of this moment it was all him no photoshop which pretty much no one believes us or even him haha.

We then had dinner and did the speeches, Cake cutting, first dance bride and groom.

The day for us was over but not the ride but this time we did not get lost FEW.

Want to thank the Bride and Groom for trusting Shutterspace Studio to photograph their amazing day for choosing us and trusting us and letting in their lives and photographing their wedding, also getting to know them was a huge honour and glad to have becomes friends and hope more weddings to come soon and get to see them more.

Take a look at the photos below please comment and share this post.

Thank you and cheers everyone


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