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Getting to Know your client

The most important thing being in business is your client. Meeting your client for the first time will leave them with a big impression. I wanted to talk about one of my client I met this year and recent wedding I did for them. They are Bianka & Conrad.

When I first met this couple it was an instant connection that we had and I knew I had gotten the perfect client. They were really nice but also really down to earth and so chill. Our first contact was made through Facebook and had a great chat about what she wanted and was hoping to gain such an amazing client. Not long after she had put all her trust into us Shutterspace studio Canada. We met up in June for an engagement for shoot at Carbide Willson Ruins in Gatineau.

First time we met we got there and about ready to start we drove close to the gate and was locked up. Sad moment has I did not want this to be a bad first impression. We stayed in the parking started to talk next thing you know you realize your client is so much fun next thing we know it was about two hours in the parking lot just talking. We made plans to meet again in the same spot for engagement photos the weekend after. Well it was again a chance to get to know them even more and they would feel very comfortable when we were at the Wedding. So has the day of the wedding me and my business partner made our way up to Otter Lake Quebec, let's just say I was not ready to be in the middle of nowhere. I have never such a unique wedding like this Country style wedding middle of nowhere GPS got us lost and found our way was a experience like no other wedding. Has the day went on you get to chat with many people and let me say the family and friends were so amazing I have been to many weddings but they were really close and very friendly.

In all what I am trying to say is amazing clients come and go but keeping in contact and sharing good memories for a lifetime is what I live for has a Wedding and Event photographer.

Always be yourself around the client make them see you are what they are looking for show them that any challenge you will be right on top and in the your client will be so happy that they got to know such amazing photographers and also gain a friend.

Congrats again to Bianka & Conrad you guys are amazing clients of mine.


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