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Anniversary Photoshoot in Ottawa

On a Beautiful day in July I got to meet Yande and Ese for a Anniversary Photoshoot. Such a lovely couple so much in love and wanted to celebrate an amazing 5th wedding Anniversary with a Photoshoot. The Location was at the Experimental farm in Ottawa it sure a classic spot for photos.

Meeting for the first Time the couple on this day after a few chats on the phone I got to meet up and take them photos. Has a photographer you get to meet so many different people and I love it. You gain new friendship you get to laugh for a hour and enjoy the time you get with the couple. You get to start to know more and more about them and they know more about you. I do brag on my kids love showing photos and showing them the family.

Making your client feel at ease during the photoshoot makes it easy on them. you start off with some natural walks photos make them say to each other something funny or what they thought of them the first time they saw each other.

Almost like playing a game I give them both a letter and come out with a word for their partners lots of time I give the advantage to the woman it makes it really funny, while the hubby has to say something sweet.

Has a photographer never be shy to give compliments to both and how they are doing also the direction of what you want them to do. Don't be shy go out and have fun.

Experimental Farm has lots of amazing spots to take photos take a look below I have posted some photos of the shoot so scroll down and enjoy.

Give it a share to someone that needs a Photoshoot would love to meet you and have a great photoshoot.

Don't be shy and contact me if you are interested in booking with me.

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